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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. Where does the money/funding go?

  2. How does funding reach the children in the orphanage abroad?

  3. What happens when you sponsor a child?

  4. Is my donation tax-deductible?

  5. I would like to volunteer as part of the program, how can I become a member?


  1. Because the Angola Project team is made up entirely of volunteers, nearly all funding goes directly to our cause. This is made possible by generous donations made by our sponsors, as well as community partners and volunteers who have worked with the program since its founding. The Angola Project has the privilege of directing nearly all of its resources to the buying and sending of necessary educational materials such as backpacks and school supplies, all of which go directly to the hands of children in need.

  2. Materials purchased by and donated to the Angola Project are shipped from our Fall River headquarters to the Angola Project team based in Benguela, Angola. This team is made up of volunteers of the community who see first hand what the day-to-day battles of the orphanage look like and are dedicated to our cause.

  3. Sponsoring a child in Angola means that you are creating an opportunity towards equity in education for a child at O Abrigo de Infancia in Angola. Sponsors are assigned a child at the orphanage and receive yearly updates on the well being and educational advances the child has made throughout the year. The cost? In order to maintain such a relationship sponsors may donate either a monthly or one-time gift to the child they have sponsored in order to aide in the purchase of school supplies throughout the academic year. 

  4. Yes! All donations to the Angola Project are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by IRS regulations. 

  5. The Angola Project is always looking for more volunteers! Volunteers can contact a representative directly at the email and phone numbers provided. In doing so, you may sign up to receive notifications about upcoming fundraisers, ways to get involved in planning and implementation, and much more!

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