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The Angola Project was founded in 2012 by a group of dedicated Angolan natives who wanted to give back to children in Angola who were experiencing the troubling aftermath of a civil war. Since its founding, the Project has grown and continues to serve the children of Angola in its effort to help build new, brilliant opportunities for the nation's orphaned youth. 

To date, the Angola Project has worked with O Abrigo de Infançia, an orphanage in Benguela, Angola, and has expanding to serving children in the United States in the pursuit of equity in education. 

The Project is dedicated to serving the children of Angola and fighting for their rights for a good education and their need to grow, both as individuals as well as a community. Today, the program focuses on the health, education, and better quality of life of the children is serves. 

How We Work

The Angola Project ​works with a team of community members, businesses and partners who believe in value and impact that education can have a child's life. While roughly 60% of all money raised towards our causes comes from fundraising events that we have held throughout the years, the other 40% comes from generous donations from community sponsors who support our cause. 

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Where Your Donation Goes


Roughly 85% of all donations go directly towards benefiting our programs for the equity in health and education of all children. This is made possible by community donors who help us fund our fundraising and community events. 

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