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Join us as we celebrate 11 years of service to our community! The Angola Project will host its 4th fundraising dinner this coming October 29, 2022 in Fall River! As always, this charity event will help benefit the many programs of the Angola Project, including providing school supplies for children in need, as well as offering aide to families in the United States and abroad. We looking forward to celebrating with you!

For tickets and tables please call 774-930-4432



For all those who are unable to attend this event but would still like to donate to our cause, all donations can be made below. We and the children we serve thank you deeply for your contribution. 

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Youth for Youth

Youth for Youth encourages children of the community to participate in the Angola Project in a direct and empowering way. Young children beginning at age 4 have chosen to participate in many ways, such as walking in a charity fashion show and performing in a talent show. Youth for Youth encourages youth participation in all forms, including event planning, fund collection, carwashes, and more. The program is ongoing and encourages children to think outside the box and bring new and exciting ideas to the table.

The Angola Project works to donate much needed resouraces to children in need, click here to see how you can help!

Want to get involved? Click here and learn about our many programs and how you can make an impact!

Learn more about who we are, what our goals are, and how our program has begun changing lives. 

Angola Project 2017

Life at the Orphanage

Scholarship Program 2017

First Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser

2017 Scholarship Winner

Andrea Pires

Bridgewater State University, Nursing

2017 Scholarship Winner

Rossana Silva

Nursing Student

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